Apartments in Raleigh Nc Are Plentiful, but Maybe Easier to Find in the Late Spring and Summer

Apartments in Raleigh NC are plentiful, but maybe easier to find in the late spring and summer. Raleigh is home to a half million permanent residents, with another half million plus calling the surrounding Wake County home. It’s also all part of the larger Triangle area that includes the cities of Durham and Chapel Hill, with a total of over two million folks calling this place home.

There’s certainly plenty of houses lying around to call home, but many choose to just rent for the simplicity. Most careers here, be they in education, research, or government, keep professionals very busy, and they just do not have the time for yard work or maintenance, which is often provided and included within a leasing contract in a local apartment.

Raleigh is the state capital and attracts a lot of temporary visitors for that reason as they need a home away from home while working here. The Research Triangle Park is also a source of drawing in professionals here for months or years at a time.

The reason that apartment availability can prove seasonal though is that many major schools in the area. North Carolina State University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Duke University, and Wake Forest University all sit either in Raleigh or within minutes of the city. Totaling hundreds of thousands of students between them, they account for strong demand for local apartment units from August until May each year.

So, while units are always going to be available, especially considering the growth and construction boom in the area, looking in the late spring or summer season might be the best time to find units as there will be the most available.

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