Carolinas HealthCare, UNC Health Care announce plans to join forces ...

Raise alarm on Carolinas HealthCare merger | Charlotte Observer

Hospital merger won’t shave costs

Floyd Prophet

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More and more experts are sounding the alarm over the pending merger between Carolinas HealthCare System and UNC Health Care. (“ ‘Bigger is not better. Experts warn patient costs could rise after NC hospital deal,” Dec. 28):

Yet, it doesn’t take an expert to tell us this deal is a disaster for consumers. Claims that it will help drive down costs are nothing but pure bull hockey. These type of corporate mergers never produce such results.

As expected our elected officials in Raleigh are remaining silent since they are the recipients of continuous political donations and favors from both institutions. The bigger question is why aren’t you contacting them to question or even stop it?

Floyd Prophet, Kannapolis

CATS is focused on wrong bus riders

In response to “Bus ridership tumbles; can CATS plan revive it?” (Dec. 27):

Buses need to go where their riders live and work. Scattered site housing, so popular right now, is in reality building housing for those who cannot afford a car in places where buses do not go. This is madness.

CATS must change its bus routes to serve its core constituents, who live in public housing.

Another thing CATS can do to serve the public is eliminate services that sound good but don’t make sense. One that comes to mind is the express bus lanes on Independence Boulevard.

There is seldom a bus in those concrete channels and the buses there are mainly empty. Converting those lanes to general purpose lanes will greatly speed traffic without spending untold millions on new construction.

Jim Williams, Charlotte

Let Richardson probe run its course

In response to “Don’t overreact on Jerry Richardson” (Dec. 28 Forum):

Doug Samut

Forum writer Dickie Benzie says Jerry Richardson’s previous philanthropy should cancel his misdeeds.

What Mr. Benzie forgets, or chooses not to consider, is that the investigation is still in progress and that information already disclosed indicates Mr. Richardson’s deeds were far from naughty and childish. The fact that thousands of dollars were paid to hush up this behavior may just be the tip of the iceberg.

Mr. Benzie should be patient and let the investigation be completed before passing judgment on Mr. Richardson.

Doug Samut, Mooresville

Black employees or not, racism exists

In their article concerning the collapse of Jerry Richardson’s empire (“Empire built in decades collapses in 48 hours,” Dec. 24), Jim Morrill and Michael Gordon write in response to the alleged “racial slur against an African-American scout”: “It (the slur) was a surprising claim for a man known for the courtly manners of a Southern gentleman and whose star quarterback, like many teammates, is African-American.”

To write, say, or believe that any owner of a professional sports team is free of racism because he employs blacks is like saying that Thomas Jefferson was not a racist because he had children by Sally Hemming. Individual, institutional, implied, and direct racism is, sadly, alive in our country.

Roger Barbee, Mooresville

Tell the truth more in 2018, Mr. Trump

Keith Wilson

Dear Mr. President, please do all Americans a service and tell the truth more in 2018.

With 103 measured lies in your first 10 months vs. only 18 in eight years by President Obama (per the New York Times), you’ve been the biggest purveyor of “fake news” in the country. Politifact has measured you as making “mostly false” or worse statements 69 percent of the time.

Our global reputation has declined under your tutelage and it is harder to solve problems as a result.

Please begin the new year with a resolution to be more truthful. Quite frankly, you owe it to us. All politicians do.

Keith Wilson, Charlotte

McConnell started this political standoff

Christine Turner

Sen. Mitch McConnell wants to blame the Democrats for slowing down the legislative process.

Slowing something down versus calling a complete halt to the process is McConnell’s cross to bear. Remember, he’s the man who declared during Obama’s first term: “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.”

Sen. McConnell needs to go do some soul-searching.

Christine Turner, Charlotte

N.C. kids learn how government works

In his Dec. 26 Opinion piece Christopher Dale says “many schools no longer teach children how our government works.” Not true in North Carolina!

Civics and government are taught each year in grades K-8 and again in high school Civics, a required course. The curriculum is embedded in the N.C. Essential Standards for Social Studies.

This is one thing North Carolina is doing right!

Cheryl P. Milam, Charlotte

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